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High Quality Black Tea


This tea was hand-picked in Çayeli, Rize. The fresh leaves were left for drying naturally for 24-36 hours. Later they were hand-rolled for about an hour on hazelnut baskets. The leaves are then left for oxidisation for 90 to 150 minutes. The tea processing is completed with pan-frying for up to 90 minutes. This black tea offers rich, fruity aromas and flavours, which is a unique characteristic of fine Turkish black teas. 


Gong Fu Brewing: Place 5 g tea leaves in 100 ml water at around 95°C. Steep for 20 seconds. To each consecutive infusion, add 5 seconds. You can infuse the leaves up to 4 times.


Western Brewing: Place 3.5 g tea leaves in 300 ml water at around 95°C. Steep for 2 minutes. To the second infusion, add 1 minute.


Cold Brewing: Place 6 g tea leaves in 500 ml cold water and keep the infusion in the fridge overnight (8-10 hours or more). Consume in 3 days. 

In Turkey, tea is very popular. Tea will be mentioned when people are asked to describe a hot summer day, a cold winter day, a visit to relatives or friends, a quick method to relax, and notably a full meal. Buy high quality black tea from Turkey.

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