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365 Challenge > Day 109 - Ceylon Green Tea 2020

Updated: May 21, 2020

As far as I can remember, this was the first Ceylon green tea I have ever tasted. Before I tasted it, I liked the look of the rolled leaves and my expectations for this tea increased.

The aroma of the tea was very pleasant. Given that it was harvested only a couple of months ago, its freshness was pleasantly present. This tea is very subtle and has many different tasting notes. I tasted vegetal, sweet and mineral notes among other that kicked-in at different steepings.

It is worth to mention an unexpected roasty note which makes this green tea very unique in my view. This is indeed interesting because the wet leaves give away some reddish edges which are highly unusual for a green tea. I think there could be two explanation for this. One, the leaves were slightly oxidised between plucking and pan-frying. Or they were already reddish (purple) when they were plucked. Either way, the result is fine.

According to the trader’s description, this tea comes from the Nanu Oya town which is in the Uva region of Sri Lanka. The first tea seeds were planted in this area in 1896. The tea gardens in this town are spread over an altitude between 1400 and 1950 m. I think this may explain the minerality component of this tea.

Overall, I am delighted with my first Ceylon green tea experience and have another one in my stash that I’ll be reviewing soon.

Stay tuned!

Tea Profile:

Type: Green

Origin: Nanu Oya, Uva, Sri Lanka

Harvest time: 2020

Leave colour: Rolled green leaves

Liquor colour: Yellow

Tea aroma: Woody and vegetal

Tea taste: Sweet with subtle vegetal and mineral notes

Steeping/brewing: You can use around 80°C water temperature and brew for up to one minute in gongfu style or up to three minutes in Western-style. You can brew the leaves many times (until the taste is lost). To each infusion add additional time. Experiment for a result that suits your taste.

Shelf life: Up to 24 months (fresher the better)

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