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365 Challenge > Day 52 - Taiwanese Jin Xuan (milk) Oolong

Updated: May 30, 2020

This Jin Xuan Oolong’s flavour was more intense than I expected. I knew that this oolong was steamed with milk steam. However, I was asking myself how come? Chinese or Taiwanese traditionally do not really produce or consume milk or other dairy products. Then I started to read that the genuine milk oolong was not really produced neither through milk steaming/roasting nor by artificial flavouring which may include traces of milk powder hence not suitable for those who are lactose intolerant. The creamy milk flavour of Jin Xuan oolong is natural and enhanced by its light roasting process.

I indeed tried a less fragrant version of Jin Xuan (cultivar #12) from Thailand. It had a very complex flavour profile including sweet, earthy, grassy and malty notes. Its oxidation was definitely higher than this one and it was definitely not buttery or creamy. Compared to this one, I would have difficulties classifying them as ‘the same’ type of tea although I know that they come from different countries.

I think my Jin Xuan journey has just started and luckily, I have a different Jin Xuan that I bought in Thailand and I’ll write about it soon which may help to solve the mystery. Stay tuned!

Tea Profile:

Type: Oolong

Origin: Taiwan

Harvest time: 2019

Leave colour: Bright green

Liquor colour: Bright yellow

Tea aroma: Milky

Tea taste: Sweet like dulce de leche with vanilla notes

Steeping/brewing:You can use around 85°C water temperature and brew for up to one minute in gongfu style or up to three minutes in Western-style. You can brew the leaves many times (until the taste is lost). To each infusion add additional time. Experiment for a result that suits your taste.

Shelf life: Up to one year, the fresher the better.

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