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365 Challenge > Day 81 - Turkish Dark Oolong

I purchased hand-drafted black tea, a branch of twisted green tea and oolong tea from the same tea company. I did find the black and green teas pleasant. Unfortunately, I cannot tell the same for this oolong which in my opinion was not an oolong tea at all.

Its dry leaves looked exactly the same as those of the black tea. I then compared the information on their package and their production and expiry dates were the same. How bizarre I thought and then the tastes of these two teas were also very similar, perhaps the only difference was that the black tea was sweeter and offered more complex aromas than this oolong. The company description of this tea mentions that its taste is black-tea like, an interesting fact also acknowledged by the producer. Another info they gave is this tea is oxidised at the 50% level.

Overall, I think Turkish tea makers should step up and start producing better oolong. I am expecting to try another oolong by a different tea master. I hope that one changes my opinion.

Tea Profile:

Type: Oolong

Origin: Rize, Turkey

Harvest time: Autumn2019

Leave colour: Black with some red shades

Liquor colour: Amber

Tea aroma: Subtle floral aroma

Tea taste: Mellow without astringency

Steeping/brewing: You can use around 100°C water temperature and brew for up to one minute in gongfu style or up to three minutes in Western-style. You can brew the leaves many times (until the taste is lost). To each infusion add additional time. Experiment for a result that suits your taste.

Shelf life: Up to 36 months (to improve shelf-life store the sealed tea leaves in a dry, ventilated place with low temperatures and away from odour)

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