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365 Teas Challenge > Day 196 - Jinggu White Tea 2020

Written by our guest blogger @Music for Tea. We recommend you play the below tune while reading the post.

Hi there! This is Music for tea, and today I want to tell you about me and one of my favourite teas. 🍃

My story began six months ago when my love for tea intertwined with music.

I'm trying to put my emotions, feelings, sensations, my vision, that tea brings me to the music. Hope that listeners will be able to taste this magic condition from tea and my music will help them: Serenity, the opportunity to see the beauty in everything ... These give rise to music in my soul, which I collect in this tea - musical project.

Tea appeared in my life spontaneously when I realized that it was time for a change. I wanted to reconsider myself, find something new - and I found tea.

It can motivate you to work on yourself, it rewards you for your efforts, it awakens love for the beautiful, noble aspirations. Tea is a faithful companion, a friend and a teacher.

Tea opened the world of ambient and drone music for me, helped me to understand it because earlier I could hardly listen to it. And this rethinking gave birth to thoughts about a musical project for tea ceremonies.

Each release is for a new day (I call them day 1, day 2 and so on), with new emotions and sensations. Just like the changing impact of tea, my music also changes every day.

As for one of my favourite teas - it is White Moonlight.

Some call it white tea, some white pu-erh. The tea comes in the form of teacake or loose tea, made from the very first spring shoots of Yue Guang Bai variety in Jinggu Mountains (Puer County).

White Moonlight tea refreshes me, helps me relieve stress and give clarity to my thoughts. It drinks well in hot weather. I like to warm it well in a teapot.

I would like to wish all the readers good tea ceremonies, great mood, pleasant music and good health.

For more music by our guest blogeer, please visit:

Tea Profile:

Type: White

Origin: Jinggu, Yunnan

Harvest time: 2020

Leaf colour: Silvery buds and dark brown/ dark- green leaves

Liquor colour: Clear, white grape or darker if you prefer strong tea

Tea aroma: Multifaceted, floral and berry with woody, spicy, honey and balsamic notes.

Tea taste: Voluminous, with a slight citrus sourness, mint coolness and nuances of spice

Steeping/brewing: I brew with hot water (90-95 ° C) in a porous clay teapot—brewing ratio to water: 6-9 g per 100 ml.

Shelf life: ~

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