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365 Teas Challenge > Day 217 - Rougui Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong

I bought a set of samples from the Dan Cong producer, and they suggested that Rougui (cinnamon) was the rarest variety amongst the pack. It is called after the cinnamon aromas and flavours, and initially this tea was made in Fujian where some of the tea growing areas are surrounded by cinnamon trees. Not sure if it is the same for Guangdong where this tea comes from. What I know is that this tea was not only ‘cinnamon’.

Firstly, it is a charcoal roasted oolong; therefore, one of the first notes that hit is the smokiness and woodiness that come with the roasting. After, the taste develops into more spicy and fruity flavours and leave a pleasant sweetness lingering in the mouth. It is mellow, medium-bodied and juicy. Definitely, not a simple tea and its complexity makes it very desirable and sought after.

It has a golden colour which is not very visible in this photo. But its juiciness can be observed on the wet leaves. What also increases this tea’s attractiveness is that it is suitable for multiple steeping. I have not come to that, but 6 to 7 steeps are recommended by the seller.

Overall, a great complex tea that does not disappoint.

Tea Profile:

Type: Oolong

Origin: Wudong Peak, Phoenix Mountain, Guangdong

Harvest time: Spring 2020

Leave colour: Tones of dark brown and black with red edges

Liquor colour: Golden yellow

Tea aroma: Floral and smoky

Tea taste: Pleasantly sweet with fruity, smoky, woody, spicy and floral notes

Steeping/brewing: Place 6 g of this tea in a 100 ml gaiwan and pour water at 100°C. Rinse the first steeping after three seconds. Infuse the leaves for 10 sec for the second steeping and add 5 sec to the each consecutive steeping. You can steep up to 6-7 times.

Shelf life: Fresher the better

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