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365 Teas Challenge > Day 227 - Sheng Pu-erh of the Year

The title should not suggest that this is the best sheng pu-erh all year. It is pretty good, though.

2020 has not been a rainy year for Yunnan. According to the seller, this has resulted in a ‘dense’ tea. It certainly had one of the most delicate fragrances I can recall, but the taste was somewhat tricky. Which means a lot was going on. The astringency was there. Somewhat dominant but the aromas were also there suggesting that this tea is more than just a bitter young sheng pu-erh. I recently reviewed a 2019 gushu pu-erh from Naka, and it was much mellower and tastier than this one in my opinion.

I think that this pu-erh will age well. When its sharp flavours become mellower, then you can really taste what this tea is all about. According to the seller, there should be honey and fruit notes.

I have to say despite its ‘developing’ taste is overshadowed by the looks and feels of the leaves. They are almost silky. One of the best looks I have ever seen on a sheng pu-erh. Which also talks about quality and promises an excellent taste for the future. Actually, there is something special about this tea after all. Its leaves come from fangyang trees) left to grow). About four decades ago these trees were planted as terrace trees. Still, for more than a decade, they have only been picked during the spring, and no pesticides or fertilizers were used. The argument that seller has that the deeper the roots, richer the fragrance and flavour. I think I will agree with this argument more in a few years.

Tea Profile:

Type: Pu-erh (Dark) Origin: Yiwu, Yunnan

Harvest time: Early April

Leaf colour: Tones of green and brown with some fuzz Liquor colour: Yellow Tea Aroma: Pleasantly floral Tea taste: Astringent with slight sweetness Steeping: Place one ball (around 4 g) in a gaiwan/teapot. Add 100 ml water at about 95°C. Steep for 5 seconds and rinse the liquid out. Steep for 15 seconds. To each consecutive infusion add 10 seconds.

Shelf life: 30 years or more

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