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365 Teas Challenge > Day 235 - White Peony Brick 2018

This tea came from Guanyang in Fuding. The baimudan (white peony) which is generally composed of the bud and first leaf is compressed into a tea brick.

I was impressed by the smell of the dry leaves, which were very aromatic with a beautiful floral fragrance. I started to steep it, and the taste was great but not as flowery as I expected (judging on the aroma of the dry leaves). However, it was still a quality tea with pleasant notes and reminded me of a fresh silver needle white tea. The more I steeped this tea, the more astringent it became. Something I have experienced first time drinking a white tea.

This tea was sold in a double sample pack with another tea. Both teas are white, and they come from Guanyang and the produce of the same year. What is different is their cultivar. This one comes from a looked after tea garden while the other one comes from the wild where the tea bushes are left for growing. After this review, I’ll make a comparison. Indeed it is something I have been longing to do but never had a chance given that I am reviewing one tea every day for this challenge. So excited about it.

Tea Profile:

Type: White Origin: Guanyang, Fuding

Harvest time: 2018

Leaf colour: Colourful with tones of green and light brown with some visible white fuzz

Liquor colour: Yellow (starts pale turns darker) Tea Aroma: Starts with floral notes, turn into vegetal ones Tea taste: Slightly sweet, floral and mineral. In consecutive steepings, the taste becomes more astringent. Steeping: Place 5 g of tea leaves in a gaiwan/teapot. Add 100 ml water at about 90°C. Steep for 5 seconds and rinse the liquid out. Steep for 15 seconds. To each consecutive infusion add 5 seconds. You can infuse up to 6 times or until the taste is lost.

Shelf life: Can be aged.

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