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365 Teas Challenge > Day 237 - Trollius Flower Tea

Had I not been to Inner Mongolia a few weeks ago, I do not think that I could have discovered this tea. I saw the vast orange fields where this tea grows and also was offered this in a hot pot restaurant. People in Inner Mongolia take this tea with meat, our guide told us. As it has no caffeine, it is OK to take it with food.

Like many herbal teas, trollies also have a place in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In Chinese, it is called Jin Lian Hua, and it is used to treat cold upper respiratory infections and bronchitis. TCM also recommend Trollius flower tea as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. A website suggested that people who use their voice often should drink this tea.

The dried leaves look pretty once infused. I am not a big fun of blossoming teas, but this one is natural and unblended. The taste had a little tartness, tanginess and bitterness, but it was not unpleasant.

Tea Profile:

Type: Tisane Origin: Inner Mongolia

Harvest time: Unknown (possibly 2019)

Leaf colour: Tones of dark yellow and orange

Liquor colour: Light amber Tea Aroma: Floral and spicy Tea taste: Tangy, tart and bitter Steeping: Place 4 g of tea leaves in a teapot. Add 200 ml water at about 100°C. Steep for 1 minute and rinse the liquid out. Steep for 3 minutes.

Shelf life: 2 years

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