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365 Teas Challenge > Day 256 - White Peony Fu Yun #6

OK, I start with a confession. I am taking advantage of being in China and ordering some sample sets on China’s amazon. This is risky, and I have had some unpleasant experiences, but I think I’m getting better in selecting good stuff. What is remarkable is that I can then reach out some of the sellers, and ask for information about the teas and I have to say they are super responsive.

So, this tea came with a 2020 white tea set from Fuding. There are 9 types of white teas. This is not the finest, as there are a couple of silver needles. However, another thing I discovered this tea was made out of Fu Yun #6 varietal, that is the most common cultivar used in Fuding. Around 85% of white teas are made from Fuyun 6, which is a cultivar that yields a lot of leaves but necessarily the most complex flavour. The seller categorised this tea as ‘superior’, and this is because it was picked before the festival of Qingming (pure brightness). It is the first picking season in Fujian. The leaves are extra nutritious and tasty since they have been absorbing all the good stuff that accumulated in the soil over the winter.

This tea was terrific in my view. It was not though as sweet or floral as some other teas I tried from this collection. The fuzz on the leaves is just marvellous. Can you see it?

Tea Profile:

Type: White

Origin: Zhenge, Fuding. Fujiam

Harvest time: Pre-Qingming 2020

Leaf colour: Tones of vinbrant green with silvery fuzz

Liquor colour: Pale yellow

Tea aroma: Floral

Tea taste: Fresh with mineral and floral undernotes

Steeping/brewing: Place 6 g of the leaves in a gaiwan/teapot and add about 100-120 ml water at around 90°C. Rinse after 5 sec. Steep for 15 seconds, and increase the consecutive steeping time by 5 seconds each time. You can steep this tea around six times.

Shelf life: Can be aged

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