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365 Teas Challenge > Day 266 - Mengsong Ripe Pu-erh 2020

I’m always excited before I try a new pu-erh. Sheng pu-erhs could be very surprising by offering unexpected aroma and flavours.

Despite many, I also like young sheng pu-erh. I usually don’t mind the astringency which exists at different levels. This one was one of the most astringent young pu-erhs I’ve ever tried. It was almost borderline unpleasant.

The seller introduced a new concept to me. The material for this tea comes from around 40 years old trees that are left to grow. They were not treated with nasty chemicals. This concept is called “fangyang”. I believe it is done so that they develop into gushu trees later on. As they are chemical-free, teas made out of fangyang tend to be richer in flavour. This explains the level of astringency, perhaps. Pre-April picking time might have also contributed to this richness!

The seller also provides some tasting notes, which I could not enjoy. Still, the infused leaves gave away some beautiful aromas, and just that is enough for me to conclude that this tea would be fantastic in several years.

Tea Profile:

Type: Pu-erh (Dark)

Origin: Mengsong, Yunnan

Harvest time: April 2020

Leaf colour: Light bright green with golden tips and visible fuzz

Liquor colour: Dark yellow

Tea aroma: Earthy and floral (infused leaves have delicate flower fragrance)

Tea taste: Rich with substantial astringency

Steeping/brewing: Place 6 g of this tea in a teapot or gaiwan and add about 100 ml water at around 95°C. Rinse after 5 sec. Steep for 15 seconds for the second time and increase the consecutive steeping time by 10 seconds each time. You can steep this tea multiple times.

Shelf life: Can be aged

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