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365 Teas Challenge > Day 306 - Not Just A Green Tea

I have the pleasure of introducing Not Just A Cuppa’s first flush green tea from 2020 Spring.

This tea has been hand plucked and then roasted, rolled and dried all by hand. Due to its drying process on a low temperature on a wok, it carries a toasty note in the first infusions which later evaporates and make room for more delicate fruity notes. There is a sweetness to this tea, and it reminds me of melon. It is very fresh and lively and can be steeped around 3-4 times.

The dry leaves look darker compared to mainstream green teas and this stems from the processing technique. They turn lights once infused.

This green tea has truly a magical smell. For me, it is one of these teas that I unpack, sniff and pack again from time to time. Just to reinforce how I register its notes to my memory.

You can find more information about this tea here.

Tea profile:

Type: Green tea

Origin: Rize, Turkey Harvest time: Spring 2020

Leaf colour: Tones of dark green Liquor colour: Light yellow

Tea Aroma: Toasted fruits and nuts

Tea Taste: Mellow, refreshing and sweet with melon flavour

Steeping: Place 3.5 g tea in 100 ml water at around 85°C. Steep for 30 seconds. To each consecutive infusion, add 5 seconds. You can infuse the leaves up to 4 times.

Shelf life: Up to three years

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