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365 Teas Challenge > Day 352 - Ducksh*t Oolong 2020

This famous dan cong (single bush) tea has been featured under this challenge a few times. Most of my experience was positive, but I had a tough one in which I did not enjoy the tea as it was very astringent. Despite modifying my steeping method, I was not able to taste anything else. With this tea, I had a similar issue. The taste of the first steeping was not very pleasant. I noticed that I had to adjust, and I reduced the steeping time to 5 seconds, and the result was more enjoyable.

This dan cong comes from Wudong Peak of Phoenix Mountain, which is its second-highest peak. The vendor prize itself that this tea is a high mountain tea and the tea cultivars are located at 800 meters above sea level. The tea plants are of 30+ years old. The leaves were picked in early spring and then charcoal bakes twice. Firstly, in mid-April and secondly in late-April.

The vendor says the oxidation (although they prefer to use the term fermentation) was about 30-45% and the roasting was full. Each tea maker has a different method of processing tea, and taste varies. I am not sure if double roasting is a common phenomenon for dan cong oolong. My feeling was that this tea could have done with less.

Tea Profile:

Type: Oolong

Origin: Wudong Peak, Guangdong

Harvest time: Mid-april 2020

Leaf colour: Tones of dark brown with some green

Liquor colour: Amber/orange

Tea Aroma: Roasty and floral fragrance

Tea Taste: Medium-bodied, floral and mineral

Steeping: Place 4g in 100ml of water at 90ºC and rinse after 5 seconds. Steep for 5 seconds during the first infusion,and add 5 seconds to the subsequent infusions. You can re-steep this tea multiple times.

Shelf life: Up to 3 years (can be aged but needs regular re-roasting)

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