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365 Days 365 Teas Challenge


Everybody knows that China is where tea originated from while very few of us appreciate Chinese teas deservedly. Having lived in the UK, I had access to a good variety of loose-leaf teas (mostly from India and Sri Lanka). Because Chinese teas were not under the spotlight (for historical and political reasons), I did not put them at the top of my list. Silly me! When I moved to China, my whole world was shaken. Such diversity, such a culture and such a heaven for teas. I have tried so many different Chinese teas, my taste buds never got a chance to get bored. Since I am against heavy tea drinking, I would plan what tea to drink the following day. This keeps me so excited and I look forward to the tea time every day. As I am already doing this, I thought I can share this with anyone who is into tea. I, therefore, came up with this challenge (with the inspiration from the Julie/Julia Project) to showcase the magnificence of Chinese teas. This will also help me try more and learn more about them. I cannot wait. Please feel free to support me by sending me samples to try, or by being my guest blogger.

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