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Your Customised Tea Box

The world of tea might be overwhelming. You may not know where to start, what, when, how to drink and how to source teas. No worries. We have been there, and we can help!

We will ask you for your favourites, requirements, tea-drinking habits and based on that, we will customise your tea box. You will receive a package with four different teas (100 g or more) each month, which will be informed by your initial specifications and your feedback on the teas you have already tried. You will keep discovering new teas.

Our customised tea box is a celebration of Chinese and Taiwanese teas; however, it may extend to different countries from time to time. When you receive your first box, you will also have an opportunity to have an online tea session with our founder to talk about the teas you received, the steeping methods (we highly recommend Gong Fu Cha). You will also be invited to exclusive online sessions with our community on tea drinking practices and history topics.

With this subscription option, we aim to help you throughout your tea journey. Rest assured, you will receive exceptional teas that we are proud to share. Your preferences may change over time as you discover new teas. We will be happy to adjust to your unique requirements.


Let's give you an example. From the survey taken by Sophia, we gathered that she likes white and black teas. She has a strong appetite to try new teas. Her first mail is likely to include:

1- A pack of aged white tea from Fuding (25-30 g)

2- A pack of fresh moonlight white tea from Yunnan (25-30 g)

3- A pack of Keemun black tea from Anhui (25-30 g)

4- A pack of charcoal roasted oolong tea from Fujian or Taiwan (25-30 g)

5- A surprise tea gift from us

You can unsubscribe anytime; no questions will be asked.

Take the Survey

We prepared a short survey to understand your tea drinking habits. We will personalise your tea box based on the results of this survey. Start taking it here.


Now you can proceed to payment

Our plan costs 38 EUR per month, which includes 4 types of teas and free delivery. Proceed to the payment here.


Sit tight and wait for your first mail

We will be preparing your first mail bow which will include a surprise gift from us. If you ordered it before the 15th of this month, it will be delivered to you next month. Otherwise, sadly you may need to wait a little longer. However, the subsequent mails will be arriving regularly every month.


Enjoy and give us feedback (please)

We want to know your feedback on the teas you received. This will give us an opportunity to improve our understanding of your taste. In return, you will get teas that you are more likely to enjoy.


Let's Work Together

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