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If you have ever tasted jujube, you can imagine the sweetness and fruitiness this tea offers. Otherwise, you are in luck as this tea would introduce you to new flavours. You can use the hottest water you can get for this tea, which will still give you good results. Suitable for multi-steeping, you can re-steep this tea more than ten times, and when you start thinking that the tea no longer offers any taste, try boiling the leaves. Yes, this is what Chinese tea people do, especially in winter. We associate this tea with cold Autumn and Winter days. It will warm your throat, stomach and heart.

Unlike typical white tea cakes, this Gong Mei cake contains buds that are visible in the photos. Gong Mei is a grade between White Peony and Shou Mei, and it is excellent for ageing. This 350 g tea was harvested in April 2011 in Taimu Mountain of Fuding (aka the capital of white tea), a protected tea growing area and the logo on the packaging certifies that this tea comes from Taimu. After almost seven years of good ageing, it was compressed into a white tea cake.

As long as you store this tea in a dry, cool and dark place, you can keep it for decades and every year, and it will surprise you with its sweeter taste. Thus, it is not only a great tea but also an excellent investment.

Heartwarming Jujube - 2011 Gong Mei White Tea Cake - 350 g

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