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This tea was hand-picked in Çayeli, Rize in the Autumn of 2020. The picking standard is the bud set and the first leaf. White tea is the least processed and usually the most delicate out of all the teas. For this tea, the fresh leaves were naturally withered under the shade for 36-48 hours. Then they were dried under a controlled heat for 3 to 5 hours.


Our white tea offers a pleasant floral aroma and subtle, sweet fruity (melon) and mineral notes.


Gong Fu Brewing: Place 3.5 g tea leaves in 100 ml water at around 90°C. Steep for 20 seconds. To each consecutive infusion, add 5 seconds. You can infuse the leaves up to 5 times. 


Western Brewing: Place 2.5 g tea leaves in 300 ml water at around 90°C. Steep for 2 minutes. To the second infusion, add 1 minute.


Cold Brewing: Place 3 g tea leaves in 500 ml cold water and keep it in the fridge overnight (8-10 hours or more). Consume in 3 days.

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