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Appreciating pure teas

Not Just A Cuppa is a platform that aims at promoting fine loose-leaf and pure teas. Cuppa refers to ‘a cup of tea’ in British slang and with our name, we would like to stress the cultural, historical and artisanal significance of tea that makes it more than a commonly consumed beverage. We believe that a cuppa is more than a drink that connects us with the nature and gives us an opportunity to take a break from our busy lives. Therefore, it is at the heart of our very being. In our tea discovery journey, we would like to share their stories with you and we hope you do the same. Please join us and become part of our humble community.

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Our Principles

We believe that tea unites people by offering a unique experience that transcends time. Tea brewing and drinking create an opportunity for shifting our focus from everything else to this very experience, together with the sensations, tastes, and aromas that are evoked in us drinkers. We appreciate the natural, wild and artisanal forms of teas. For this reason, we are making a distinction between blended and pure teas and we are only focusing on the latter. We will tell the stories of hundreds of fine teas with the desire that it will spark curiosity in our readers.


What’s New?


Team Members Wanted!

January 18, 2020

We believe we can only provide quality content for free if we are a team of dedicated tea enthusiasts. If you share our passion and have pure, loose-leaf teas handy that you would like to showcase, please get in touch. We welcome you to our community.

365 Days 365 Teas Challenge

January 18, 2020

On our blog, we are starting a new challenge. We think pure teas and especially those from China are undervalued and we would like to change this. After all, we are talking about more than just a cuppa, and there is a lot to appreciate. We aim to make our point, by introducing a different tea every day starting from 02/02/2020. You may say it is crazy, but we say it is doable. Especially if you help us! Why don't you get in touch and become a guest blogger?


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