Not Just A Cuppa

Appreciating pure, loose-leaf teas

Not Just A Cuppa is a women-led enterprise that aims at promoting fine loose-leaf teas and advocates that a cup of tea is more than a simple beverage.  

Cuppa refers to 'a cup of tea' in British slang. With our name, we would like to stress the cultural, historical and artisanal significance of tea.

When we steep an exquisite cup of tea, we can observe the tea leaves and buds very closely. This connects us with nature and allows us to take a break from our busy lives. Loose-leaf tea drinking experience comes with beauty and calmness.

Our mission is to encourage artisanal tea production and loose-leaf tea consumption. We will tell you the stories of exceptional teas (on our blog) but also make single origin loose-leaf teas accessible to you (on our shop) so that you can experience and enjoy them.

Join us, stay connected and don't miss out when we have news. 

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Karakis Sok. 18 Besiktas, Istanbul, TURKEY


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