Organic Tea Supplier From Turkey

Organic Tea Supplier From Turkey




Not Just A Cuppa is a women-led enterprise from Istanbul that aims at promoting artisan loose-leaf teas and advocates that a cup of tea is more than a simple beverage.

​We focus on hand-picked, artisanally processed teas that offer authentic and natural aromas and flavours. We believe that a cup of exquisite tea has a story tell that you can listen to, smell, taste, see and even hear. We intend to tell you the story of the leaves that make it to your cup and also give you some practical tips to ensure that what you are having is an authentic experience and not just a cuppa.​

We offer:

Blog posts with bite-size information on hundreds of fine teas and tisanes. 

Artisan teas and tea sets from Turkey. Check out our exquisite teas and shop elegant tea sets.

A selection of finest Chinese teas and teaware. 


Consultancy services for businesses in identifying and sourcing exquisite teas, tea ware, and tisanes from Turkey and China.