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Turkish Teas & Tea Sets

Tea drinking offers a unique experience that transcends time. It is an experience that is complemented with exquisite teaware. While tea ware varies from one culture another, they share one thing in common: beauty. This is in line with what Lu Yu mentioned in the first-ever book about tea:

"All moments in life should be attended by the beauty".


Our tea sets were designed with this in mind. We believe that tea appreciation and pleasure grows once shared. You can gift our tea sets, but we understand if you would like to keep them to yourself. 

What our customers say

Honne, Germany 

The tea tastes very pleasant, mild and not bitter at all. I brewed it the gongfu way

Iryna, UK

Got my 3 teas set right before X-mas, it was truly amazing gift set of beautiful jars of white, black and oolong teas. This tea set made my lockdown weeks of winter refreshing and really uplifting. My favourite choice has been so far black tea that has a smooth flavour, a subtle of nuttiness and rich cosy feeling of Turkish tea. 

Luca, Switzerland

Smooth and nutty Oolong, perfect for those dark & cold winter afternoon. A quick delivery in a well-designed box, great as gift.

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