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White teas are the least processed and the most delicate teas in the world. Their aromas are so subtle but also so distinctive that they easily find a place in your aroma/taste repertoire once you experience them. This tea, also known as White Peony, comes from Fuding, the white tea capital of China where it is mostly drunk during spring and summer. Chinese believe that white teas have a heat reducing, energising but at the same time calming effects.


You can see the hairy buds and leaves clearly on the photo below. These precious hairs are called Peh-oe-ji (白毫) or Pekoe in English, and they indicate that the tea comprises of newly emerging buds and leaves that were plucked in early spring. The hairy buds contain the highest levels of antioxidants on the plant.

Our 2020 white peony was made by our favourite tea master Lin from the plants that grow in the wild which are around 40 to 60 years old. Master Lin kept the family tradition of drying the leaves on a low charcoal fire. This method involves additional labour work and has not been utilised  commonly anymore. This is one of our favourite Chinese teas as it offers a balanced delicate and complex tasting profile and it is our go-to tea when we need to freshen up.

Tea Profile:


Type: White

Origin: Fuding county, Fujian province

Harvest time: Early spring 2020

Leaf colour: Green leaves with silvery white

Liquor colour: Light yellow (champagne white)

Tea aroma: Fruity, floral and fresh sweetness

Steeping/brewing: You can use 85-100°C water temperature and steep for up to 30 seconds  in gongfu style or two to three minutes in Western-style. You can brew the leaves multiple times. To each consecutive infusion add 10 seconds more.

Shelf life: Can be aged (if appropriate storage conditions are available)

Wild White Peony 2020

100 Grams
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