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This collection is part of a limited production by a Xi'an based young pottery artist Mr Xiao. He describes his work as follows:


"There may be a big difference between me and others in pottery making. That is, before I started to do, I will not draw, and there is no concrete, what I want to do, all the creativity comes from the production of feelings and experiences, including the distortion of the shape, the beating of the line, the adjustment of the glaze."


Mr Xiao uses a glaze that is made from natural materials of Shenhe Plateau of Chang'an County, Shaanxi Province as the base material. After 1280 degrees high temperature oxidation firing, the result is stone-like dark texture. He finishes this series with a touch of gold which offers an attrative contrast to dark colours and a shine to the rocky texture.


Each piece is unique but offered at the same price. Please contact by email ( after payment to ensure you receive the teapot you desire.

Tea Pots - by pottery artist Mr Xiao

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