Loose Leaf Green Tea


This tea was hand-picked in Çayeli, Rize in the Spring of 2020. The picking standard is one bud and the first two leaves. The fresh leaves are left for drying naturally on the baskets that are made out of hazelnut trees for 24-36 hours. Later they were withered in a pan and hand-rolled on hazelnut baskets. The tea processing is completed with pan-frying for up to 90 minutes. This first flush green tea offers both floral fragrance and fruity tastes, with some characteristic vegetal undernotes.  


Gong Fu Brewing: Place 3.5 g tea in 100 ml water at around 85°C. Steep for 30 seconds. To each consecutive infusion, add 5 seconds. You can infuse the leaves up to 4 times. 


Western Brewing: Place 3 g tea in 300 ml water at around 85°C. Steep for 2 minutes. To the second infusion, add 1 minute. 


Cold Brewing: Place 3 g tea in 500 ml cold water and keep the infusion in the fridge overnight (8-10 hours or more). Consume in 3 days. 

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