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365 Teas Challenge > Day 229 - Xian Ren Xiang Dan Cong 2020

This tea is single bush (Dan Cong) from Wuding mountain in Guangdong province. It has an almond (Xian Ren) flavour. But I think it manifests itself with a bitter edge in a lovely floral Dan Cong oolong. Perhaps, I’m a fool. I do not get it completely. 

However, I still appreciate that this tea is full of flavours. Nutty, floral, astringent, and even fruity. I don’t know, I think I’ll just drink any Dan Cong oolong without questioning any time of the day. It has a significant influence, maybe even ‘qi’ on me. 

A little trivia on Dan Cong Oolong (but it also applies to Wuyi Yan Cha) is that this type of tea grows on rocky mountains. Due to these harsh habitat, the tea can only grow slowly, which results in a strong and fragrant tea. In my view, Dan Cong oolong is more aromatic than Wuyi Oolong, and some prefer the latter as it is fresher and more mineral. In general, Wuyi Oolong is more ‘precious’ in China and hence the international arena. Still, for some reason, I am more satisfied by Dan Cong Oolongs. 

Tea Profile:

Type: Oolong Origin: Wudong Peak, Guangdong

Harvest time: April 2020

Leaf colour: Tones of dark brown reddish edges

Liquor colour: Dark yellow Tea Aroma: Woody and floral Tea taste: Slightly sweet with fruity, floral, and nutty notes Steeping: Place 6 g of teal leaves in a gaiwan/teapot. Add 100 ml water at about 90°C. Steep for 5 seconds and rinse the liquid out. Steep for 15 seconds. To each consecutive infusion add 10 seconds. You can infuse up to 7 times or until the taste is lost.

Shelf life: 3 years

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