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365 Teas Challenge > Day 291 - Black Tea from Not Just A Cuppa

When I started this challenge, I did not have the slightest idea that I’d be reviewing my own tea before I finish the whole year. But 2020 has been an unexpected year for pretty much everyone in the universe. For many, it has been worrying, disappointing and frustrating. While I had some difficult time, I managed to focus on my business ideas and set up my own line of premium Turkish, of which I am very proud.

Loose leaf black tea from Turkey
Artisanal Black Tea from Turkey

My teas come in a tea set, and there are specifically designed for international consumers. I have a limited quantity for now. So, if you are interested in, I advise you to secure your order here. Get in touch as I have coupons available for readers.

Sorry for the advertisement. Now I can tell you a couple of things about my tea. The leaves were picked according to bud set plus top two leaves standard during Autumn 2020. They were handpicked but also hand-rolled. The result is quite impressive. Firstly, dry leaves have a delightful fruity aroma which is very attractive. The taste is mellow, slightly sweet with toasted caramel and fruity notes. I would say that the latter is a characteristic taste for fine Turkish black teas. I offered this tea recently to a tea head friend, who taught that the taste was like a Qimen (Keemun) black. I took it with great pleasure, and I agree with that remark. Quite frankly sweetness is somehow familiar amongst fine black teas, but fruitiness with caramel notes is not something you can find easily. So, I am happy with the result, and I hope you readers will have a chance to taste my teas too.

Stay tuned for other Not Just A Cuppa teas!

Tea Profile:

Type: Black

Origin: Rize, Turkey

Harvest time: September, 2020

Leaf colour: Tones of dark brown

Liquor colour: Honey

Tea Aroma: Fruity

Tea taste: Medium-bodied and sweet with fruity and caramel notes


  1. Place 4-5 g of this tea in a teapot or gaiwan and add about 100 ml water at around 90°C.

  2. Rinse after 5 sec.

  3. Steep for 20 for the second time and increase the consecutive steeping time by 10 seconds each time. You can steep this tea up to three of four times.

Shelf life: Up to three years

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